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  • Specializes in manufacturing and supplying the stainless steel woven mesh with the cheapest price today. Stainless steel mesh has many different types and sizes.

  • Inox Doan Phat receives rolls of stainless steel rolls as required to receive cutting / slitting processing of stainless steel rolls: synchronous and modern lines to meet the highest requirements for processing rolls / ribbons


    In this era of information technology as today, when the Internet became familiar and gradually become an indispensable tool in life, the benefits of the Website for product promotion and brand of a company are enormous....


  • In general, stainless steels contain chromium contained significantly more iron to improve corrosion resistance. Depending on the intended use, a number of nickel steels also add more variety or other metals such as manganese or molybdenum. The amount of different substances create different properties such as hardness, stress resistance, bending properties....

  • In the trend of using the current kitchenware, stainless steel items are the top priority choice, because it is the best material to contain and cooked foods. Also, the durability of stainless steel pot is also a factor to be the favorite housewife. But how to choose the best type of stainless steel pot

  • Manufacturing of stainless steel welded pipe and seamless pipe, stainless steel welded pipes is what? What is cast stainless steel pipes ?. This article giainox.net will show you on the stages of the production process of welding pipe - Stainless steel seamless pipe

  • Currently the products are made of stainless steel are commonly used. Especially the cooking utensils made from stainless steel, such as pots, chopsticks, bowl (cup) .. etc, especially stainless steel pot were the women choose more. This article will guide you preserve stainless steel pot how to pull the pot life shortening.

  • Today Doan Phat will show you the most striking advantages of stainless steel 304.

  • Material Stainless steel is increasingly widely used and popular in every household Vietnamese people. From clothes hangers, scissors, knives, pots, tables, chairs, sinks, tubs outside nuoc..vv with shiny look chic

  • Today in modern life the use made of stainless steel is widely used, stainless steel bolts are used a lot in the industrial products and works everywhere in the world.

  • Inox 304 Inox type of popular and most popular in the world today. Inox 304 accounted for 50% of stainless steel are produced worldwide.

  • Processing equipment is the process of connecting stainless steel metal pieces together to be able to make other systems, support for the structure of the engine, other instruments

  • These form or stair railing stainless inox are more popular, because the sample made from stainless steel stairway when we'll look at a very luxurious charge savings for your home

  • On the market now Stainless items are widely available, and used many different stainless steel products

  • Stainless steel sinks more and more families choose to trust is also appropriate water supplies for many families today, especially families living in high-rise buildings or no conditions for building cisterns

  • It can be said that stainless steel products are gradually replacing wood products because stainless steel products are more rust free, safe, reasonable price stainless steel, meet many needs of users.

  • Inox 18/8 and 18/10 stainless steel are the two most common types used in today's kitchen appliances. Also known as stainless steel 304. The number 18 at the beginning of the sign indicates chrome and the number 8 or 10 at the back denotes the amount of nickel used in the stainless steel. Accordingly, with the symbol 18/8, this stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. The higher the number 2, the higher the amount of nickel, but the higher the nickel, the more to ensure the anti-rust of the product.

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