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Learn details Inox 304

Inox 304: First Choice

Inox 304 Inox type of popular and most popular in the world today. Inox 304 accounted for 50% of stainless steel are produced worldwide. And in Australia, this figure fluctuated between 50% -60% of the stainless steel is consumed. 304 stainless steel is used in almost all applications in all areas. You can see 304 stainless steel everywhere around your everyday life like: Saucepans, pans, pots, spoons, forks, table, chairs, decorations ...


Stainless steel type 304L stainless steel type of low carbon content (word for word L Low notation, in English meaning low) .304L used to prevent corrosion in the critical welds. 304H stainless steel type is still kind of high carbon content than 304L, which are used in areas requiring higher reliability. Stainless Steel 304L and 304H are both exist in plate and pipe, but less is produced 304H more.

Corrosion resistance:
Inox 304 has demonstrated resistance to their excellent corrosion when exposed to many different chemicals. Inox 304 stainless resistant in most applications in architecture, in most environments the processing of food and very easy to clean. Also, Inox 304 also demonstrate its corrosion resistance in the textile dyeing and in most inorganic acids.

Heat resistance:
Inox 304 demonstrated good ability to oxidation at temperatures of 870 degrees C, and continued to show up to a temperature of 925 ° C In cases require high temperature strength, one request containing materials higher carbon content. Example: Under Pressure Vessels Code AS1210 standards limit the heat resistance of 425 ° C 304L, and prohibits the use of 304 stainless steel with a carbon content of 0.04% or higher than 550 degrees Celsius temperature on
Inox 304 shown great durability while being lowered to a temperature of liquefied gas and it has found applications in these temperatures.

Mechanical and physical properties:



Like the austenitic steel grades in line, the magnetic properties of 304 stainless steel is very weak and almost not there. But after working in low-temperature environments, the magnetism is very strong (this goes against the process I).

Also, Inox 304 can only stiffened in low temperature environments. The highest yield stress which can reach 304 Inox is 1000MPa, this is also influenced by factors such as the number and shape of the material.

I was the main method to produce stainless steel 304. It will heat up to 1010 ° C - 1120 ° C, and then suddenly cooled by immersion in cold water.

Machining capabilities

Inox 304 is capable of very good shape, it may be laminated without heating. This makes this Inox monopoly in production of stainless steel details.
Example: sink, pans, pots ... In addition, this property also makes stainless steel wire 304 wins to their use in industrial and vehicles such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles ...

Inox 304 represents excellent weldability, this type of stainless steel suitable for all welding (welding technique wind except stone). Cutting ability of Inox 304 less than the carbon steels, when machining materials on the machine tool, they must request a low rotation speed, large inertia, the cutting tool must be hard, sharp and not forget to water cooling.

Comparison of costs

Below is a comparison of the cost when using 304 stainless steel as compared to other materials:


PLAY GROUP LTD specializes in providing INOX materials industry, wholesale and retail all kinds of stainless steel 316, 304, 201, 430, ...

- Provide full items Sheets, stainless steel rolls, pipes, La, Vegas, Lap (Tupe), ... service sectors: manufacturing home appliances, buildings tanks, machinery and equipment home Kitchen and the industries that use materials and INOX.

- Professional cut, cut INOX accordance kind and size that customers order.

- As a trusted partner of many production plants INOX across Vietnam market as well as road and bridge construction work, the mechanical plant. supplying stainless inox with the most reasonable price

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