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Processing equipment IonX

Stainless steel items are not strangers to us, the cooking utensils to decorative items Inox very popular because everyone has a shiny stainless steel look very luxurious and special clean rusted . But you have to know the process of processing equipment made of stainless steel like no ?. This article will let you know the process of how outsourcing Inox.

Processing equipment What is stainless steel?

Processing equipment is the process of connecting stainless steel metal pieces together to be able to make other systems, support for the structure of the engine, the other instruments. There are some similarities between the processing equipment and stainless steel welding process, but also a few differences. Here are the differences of the two types

Cleaning processing before performing machining process stainless steel equipment before the embryos into the surface, you need to be covered before a class before entered. If you do not do so, the heating process will easily guide for supplies vulnerable to oxidative processes in stainless steel processing equipment. The character will hit vulnerable to rust or widgets Festival prone substances sticky dirt, rust. You should perform this important process.

Reasonable control air

Stainless steel processing equipment also contains air inside to be able to free up air contest must use a furnace in the process of machining equipment inox.Trong this process, the gases heating up the metal cooling control controlled atmosphere should correctly choose the best when hydrogen, chromium alloy handles in the process.

Using Flux machining process stainless steel equipment

When you want to choose alloys investigated in a furnace process equipment machining stainless steel billet demand will change continuously shirt. Because when the oven it prevents a layer of oxide stability when formed. The embryo would form strong adjacent machining process stainless steel equipment. if such an assembly is too large for it to be brazed in the oven when it is not, then it will be able to apply to embryos.

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