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The advantages of stainless steel 304 fine

 1. High corrosion resistance

General characteristics of stainless steel is large and corrosion resistance with 304 stainless steel, the properties are optimal and absolute corrosion resistance is not affected in the environment as well as exposure to multiple chemicals, and even the corrosive chemicals high nor what effect this smart products. With this feature it has been widely used and is extremely important industry application, and industry uses nearly all of the work process that is processing the food processing industry and home appliances.
2. Cleaning Easy
With a 304 stainless steel in particular, and other stainless steel systems in general, when creating products such as stainless steel handrail, stainless steel kitchen cabinets ... they are equipped with weapons that the stain of fear that is smooth, without oxygen chemical, hygiene therefore became very easy, you just wipe with a soft cloth chìu the product has become shiny, or can be used to clean the windshield washer fluid, more so when the product creation 304 made from stainless steel kitchen utensils shall ensure food safety.
3. Heat Resistant
Inox 304 is also equipped with a superiority that is refractory other very well, passed the test, the material demonstrated good oxidation resistance at temperatures that can do many different materials fused - heat 870 degrees Celsius, and the temperature rose higher, the advantages of stainless steel 304 has been further promoted with the temperature 925 degrees C.
Heat resistance is determined by carbon, so in those cases requiring exposure to high temperature resistance, people require materials with a higher carbon content.
Note: Prohibits use of 304 stainless steel with a carbon content of 0.04% or higher than 550 degrees Celsius temperature on
4. Ability shaping, machining
With a 304 stainless steel material, then you can use the optional welding technique, note that except stone wind welding, this product has excellent weldability.
Not used in this product have also been evaluated advantages of Inox 304 Cutting quite relative, but some note is: do not use high speed cutting tools must have high hardness, water use cool during cutting, machining. Which offset the advantages of stainless steel 304 in the visual expression and the laminates without the intervention of heat.
Products suited to produce stainless steel kitchen cabinets have: kitchen products such as pans, pots ... are widely used to make wire win in industry or used in vehicles such as cars, motorcycles , bike ...
5. Mechanical properties and physical properties
304 stainless steel products are radically reduced magnetic and barely there.
Note: when used in low-temperature environments, the magnetic refrigeration stronger, even in high ambient is not magnetic.
304 will be the hardest stiffness at low temperatures, has high elasticity, and indicators can be achieved is in: 1000MPa.
Currently there are many products used 304 stainless steel materials through the advantages mentioned above.
To get good products from this material to Thien Quang please ..
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