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Benefits of stainless steel staircase and the beautiful staircase pattern

These form or stair railing stainless inox are more popular, because the sample made from stainless steel stairway when we'll look at a very luxurious charge savings for your home. Previously when the timber is made of the main material, the material now with shiny stainless steel has been applied more broadly, with the richness of species, diversity of designs gives your house a modern design and more luxurious. Inox is applied in designing stairs fit every home albeit very narrow
The benefits of using stainless steel stairs:

1. The space will house more comfortable and wide

Stainless steel materials may vary but all have the same advantages that extend the indoor space. Instead of using the bars, wooden railing, stainless steel bars will be the vehicle through the main circulation in the house.

2. Space youthful dynamism with narrow area

Stainless steel staircase created space not only youthful, elegant but also very suitable for small area apartment. Advantages of stainless steel products are structures designed staircase IonX diversified light reflection effects help lift area becomes brighter, more airy.

3. Stainless steel Stairs eternal strength

Stainless steel is durable material with time forever, always shiny stainless steel materials, not rusty despite experiencing any weather conditions. Therefore, stainless steel staircase is also very easy to clean when soiled with dirt, labor-saving effort.

Allegiance Inox introduce some typical samples of stainless steel stairs:

PLAY GROUP LTD specializes in providing INOX materials industry, wholesale and retail all kinds of stainless steel 316, 304, 201, 430, ...

- Provide full items Sheets, stainless steel rolls, pipes, La, Vegas, Lap (Tupe), ... service sectors: manufacturing home appliances, buildings tanks, machinery and equipment home kitchen and the industries that use materials and stainless steel INOX with reasonable price.

- Professional cut, cut INOX accordance kind and size that customers order.

- As a trusted partner of many production plants INOX across Vietnam market as well as road and bridge construction work, the mechanical plant.

Address: 136 Highway 1A, Tam Binh Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh

Phone: (08) 3729 2720 - (08) 3729 5712 - (08) 2215 7768 - Fax: (08) 5403 3503

Email: doanphatinox@vnn.vn

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