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How to choose the best stainless steel pot

 Currently on the market there are many brands made of stainless steel pots as Happy Cook, Sunhouse, Elegan, Queen Star, Zebra, Goldsun ...

No problem, buy as stainless steel pot. We have a wealth of prices that you can not see the face, but guess how much. The reason they are invaluable because the material is so rich. Currently pots, stainless steel pans are manufactured from stainless steel 18/10 3 categories, 18/0 and 18/8. Inox 18/10 is kind of not rust, glossy feeling clean, hygienic, high-end, luxury and high cost. Inox 18/0 - 18/8 and all kinds of stainless steel shoddy doped will quickly rust, not even suitable for food use.
 In addition, the bottom pot 3 (dissipates heat evenly, avoiding black burn marks when cooked) 1-2 expensive than the pot bottom. Not only is the material and thickness, the price depends on the size of the pot small - brand, design, multiple features (which used to be the kitchen from or not?).
It is hard in that very hard stainless steel materials evaluation naked eye, to know true phony, consumers must use a time. Therefore the price is one of the grounds for discrimination copper - brass, for which also the stainless steel pot and looks alike. Also because of the priceless that housewives or go to the supermarket to buy pots stainless steel base, a little expensive but not be mistaken, as well as to avoid panic price shouts of traders.
At the supermarket, usually stainless steel pots are attached Modular, attractive and buyers with special reduced prices, sometimes up to 50%. However, because of the priceless items should you not believe in advertising promotions. Try to take a look around and see what other products, the pot of 200,000 dong (after being reduced by 50%) always thin te considering the 400,000 pot (no discount).
If purchased at the market, you are not trapped discount the price to be trapped screaming. Here are a few tips to identify good Inox - bad commensurate with the price given or not:
- Stainless steel sure looks good from handrails, cover pot, holding heavy hand ... The perfect glossy. If you have the magnet, you can also try to breathe. If inhaled much as Inox iron makers, quickly rusted.
- Item box genuine full details on stamp products, logos and warranty card.
- Type of pot have 2-3 very thick bottom layer in bottom snap when no echo, even thin bottom will create a louder sound.
- Good products are cast all in one piece, without any edges or borders by joint public eyelid. Feeling around the surface to see the plane, as well as detect welds - not lumpy.
- The unused products were black, not shiny not because of hanging dust seller, can we have oxidised due to poor metal components.
PLAY GROUP LTD specializes in providing INOX materials industry, wholesale and retail all kinds of stainless steel 316, 304, 201, 430, ...
- Provide full items Sheets, Coils, Pipes, La, Vegas, Lap (Tupe), ... service sectors: manufacturing home appliances, buildings tanks, machinery and equipment kitchen and the industries that use materials and INOX.
- Professional cut, cut INOX accordance kind and size that customers order.
- As a trusted partner of many production plants INOX across Vietnam market as well as road and bridge construction work, the mechanical plant. supplying stainless inox with the most reasonable price
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