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Stitch-welding production process pipe stainless steel seamless pipe

Stainless steel pipe (stainless steel) are often used in applications that depend on the resistance of high corrosion resistant materials, flexible and maintenance costs are relatively low. Because pipe can serve a variety of functions requiring different levels of specification, some standards are in place to ensure the rational use and produce different kinds of steel pipes Stainless. Although there are a number of standards and technical specifications (for various kinds of stainless steel pipe production for certain applications), generally have two types of tube and pipe are: welded pipe and seamless pipe .


Welded Stainless Steel Pipe is what? How production of stainless steel welded pipe (welded stainless steel pipes)


Welded pipe, stainless steel (stainless steel) should not require molten alloy under certain specifications, depending on the grade and the application. The basic grade of stainless steel from which the pipe is formed, or is forming a coil, hot rolled strip or ribbon cold rolling. Depending on whether the pipe is hot rolled or cold rolled that gives the results will be different. Pipes made of stainless steel cold rolled formed will have a smooth surface as well as the standard tolerances than hot-rolled tubes.


Regardless of stainless steel hot rolled or cold rolled, are the same welding process.


First, the coil is divided into specified widths.

- Next, forming processes are applied. To weld the seams of each tube forming, welding roll is used. (It can also be used to prevent tearing welds during welding).

- After welding is finished, handled welds begins. For pipe users, thickness, this requires high technical welding to avoid denting the tube. For thick pipe, weld handling easier

- After this step is completed, the tubes are then size, ensure that pipe meets the specified size appropriate include diameter, roundness, and straight.

- To set the length of pipe last, pipe must be cut (this step is often called the cut). Cut can do in many ways, but abrasive cutting is a popular choice. Cut the pipe to ensure does not become deformed or distorted.

- Pipe casting is what? Producing stainless steel pipe foundry (cast stainless steel pipe)


In the case of welded pipes are not used, seamless stainless steel pipe, also known as seamless pipe, welded pipe lines are manufactured by extrusion, drilling, or drilling guns. The material is used a metal bar from stainless steel as its material requirements, then through a hole in the raw material bar. Thanh then rolled again and heated to a specified temperature to be molded into a tubular shape.


Produced by extrusion, a raw bar stainless steel tube is inserted into a mold, this process is widely used for all kinds of metal and can produce effective pipe. However, the extrusion process requires much more technical.


Bore guns, the way this production is a third option for seamless steel pipe, seamless pipe. How to produce the highest quality tube. This process requires a round metal rod is inserted into a drill pipe straight. Although this process is more expensive than other options, the pipes often perform better than those produced by the picture tube the other.


In some cases, cold-rolled tubes may be required if the pipe size abnormalities or a rare ingredient. Cold rolling, which includes the use of a device to change the shape of the casting tube is available by pressing its thickness to thin more larger diameter or smaller diameter is pressed again for a thickness higher, this way only used in cases of force majeure.

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