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Installing stainless steel tanks and proper water safety

Before deciding to use stainless steel water tanks to store water, many families feel anxious about Inox tank installation safe and properly.
Stainless steel sinks more and more families choose to trust is also appropriate water supplies for many families today, especially families living in high-rise buildings or no conditions for building cisterns. However, a problem that the family has always assured is how to install stainless steel water tank to ensure safety for the user, to avoid falling bathwater endangering everyone around. Here are some important notes about the installation of stainless steel water tank:
Choose stainless steel water tank and water tank installation location suitable inox
The first thing families need to keep in mind when installing stainless steel water tank that is selected Inox tank and water tank installation position accordingly. To choose the proper Inox tank to note some important points:

1. Designs tank: tank stand good water pressure but with the apartment building or water tower, you should choose the type Inox tank types horizontal rather than vertical because it allows for safer water tanks, have can withstand impacts from nature like wind or earthquakes better.
2. capacity: capacity of tank and bearing capacity of the roof, do not select the type of water tank with a capacity outpacing bearing capacity of the roof, tower, pilasters ... because of overload installation locations can cause the roof to collapse, crashing water tank installation position blankly from dangers.
3. Location of installation:
- This position must be flat and have a higher bearing capacity from two to four times the tonnage of the water tank.
- At the time of contact with the base of the roof surface or where water tanks must satisfy certain hardness, good strength helps withstand Inox tank balance and surest sense.
- Also, do not install water tanks in stainless steel location:
+ Do not install on, closely considering the edge wall, ceiling edge, the edge of the railing ....
+ No installation on wood surfaces rapids, not enough weight-bearing load, the mounting position is not monolithic and flat ....
+ No Statistics brick, stone, wood, .... plane hardware installation position must not be deformed during the time to tank.
+ Do not install near the top, above the aisles, doors ... ..noi many passers-by position can be dangerous to people if Inox tank encounter undesirable incidents.
4. Technical installations:
The entire tank bottom or base must be on a fixed plane not be separated but must stick together, in direct contact with that plane and must be placed parallel to the ground. In addition, positioning the legs to the body sinks sinks, tubs with flat roofs or where Inox tank firmly with bolts. With the water tank located on the buildings, winds may be retrofitted tank straps surround.
Must be installed in the correct position relative tub shower and tub tripod, mounted bowl full lock, fitting right / enough water inlet and outlet lines .... as directed by the manufacturer.
5. Use:
Tank must be used for proper function and water containers must ensure drinking water standards of the Ministry of Health issued.
6. Storage:
- Must be checked sanitary water tank (recurring 01 month - 03 months / time depending on the water), cleaning with a soft cloth.
- Check the installation position, shelving (recurring 03 - 06 times)
- After 5 years, you should check the installation location, rack .... to replace, repair, reinforced legs, racks, towers .... safe for use, after repairs (periodic inspection 06 months - 1 year / time)
- After 10 years should replace racks, towers ... to be safer,

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