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How to preserve the items are polished stainless steel

Material Stainless steel is increasingly widely used and popular in every household Vietnamese people. From clothes hangers, scissors, knives, pots, tables, chairs, sinks, tubs ... Material Stainless steel is considered durable and high gloss, bring the elegance to your home sits.

However, due to some reason the map will no longer shiny stainless steel as the time of purchase but even tarnished. So for stainless steel items are shiny and beautiful, the hygiene is essential.

Cause sink or stain or rust, how to fix?

Cause: Due to water use saline or alum or contaminated by chemicals.

Prevention and recovery: cleaning everyday objects Inox, inox cleaning chemicals used (but must rinse with clean water immediately if do not clean stainless steel lightning chemicals will do more).

Note: Do not allow chemical contact with skin, especially eyes.

Stainless steel sanitary method simple and effective:

Step 1: Before cleaning, wipe the dust.

Step 2: Use a spray washer fluid on the surface to be cleaned, then use a soft cloth or paper to clean sanitation. Inox will return the ball to its original beauty.

Step 3: In case of stainless steel surface stains, use a mild detergent for use in stainless steel, wipe with a soft cloth. Then, wipe the glass with water washing as in step 2.

PLAY GROUP LTD specializes in providing INOX materials industry, wholesale and retail all kinds of stainless steel 316, 304, 201, 430, ...

- Provide full items Sheets, Coils, Pipes, La, Vegas, Lap (Tupe), ... service sectors: manufacturing home appliances, buildings tanks, machinery and equipment kitchen and the industries that use materials and INOX.

- Professional cut, cut INOX accordance kind and size that customers order.



- As a trusted partner of many production plants INOX across Vietnam market as well as road and bridge construction work, the mechanical plant.

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